A cute, free kalimba for your phone with beautiful sound, customizable everything, and absolutely no ads!!


What is a kalimba?
Learn its history on Wikipedia!

Can I use Keylimba music for my own purposes?
Any audio or screen recording of the Keylimba app may be used for any personal or commercial purpose! See the CC0 Creative Commons license.

Why is my audio is lagging?
Audio played wirelessly, such as through Bluetooth, produces unavoidable audio latency. Try using wired earphones, or your phone's speakers. The "Release to Play Note" setting also affects sound timing.

Why is my audio distorted?
Unfortunately some older Android phones have performance issues that cause this, especially while recording. If you encounter distorted audio, please send me an email with your phone model!

What is Keylimba Plus?
It's a one-time payment that unlocks all instrument types in Keylimba. On iOS, this purchase supports Family Sharing. I don't monetize Keylimba in any other way, so please consider purchasing an upgrade to support my work!

Why isn't my purchase working?
Ensure your app is up to date and you're connected to the Internet. You may need to restart Keylimba after upgrading. The purchase is unavailable in some countries due to Apple and Google's sales restrictions.

How do I refund my purchase?
Depending on what phone you purchased Keylimba Plus, check out these links for the App Store or the Play Store.

Where can I learn how to play songs?
YouTube is a great place to search your favorite songs and how to play them on Keylimba (or any kalimba)! I also have a few tutorials on my YouTube channel.

What are you working on next?
Whenever I have a good idea, I see how I can build it in Keylimba! But I'm just one person so new features take time. You can usually check out what I'm up to on my Twitter.

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